Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD box set (Movie)

Superman Ultimate Collector\'s Edition DVD box set (Movie)

Artist: Warner Brothers Home Video
Product Name: Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD box set (Movie)

* Region: 1
* Number of discs: 14
* Product Description
Disc 1: SUPERMAN THE MOVIE 1978 Theatrical Version Disc 2: SUPERMAN THE MOVIE 2000 Expanded Edition Disc 3: SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Archive Disc 4: SUPERMAN Bonus Vault Materials Disc 5: SUPERMAN II 1980/81 Theatrical Version Disc 6: SUPERMAN II 2006 Version You've Never Seen Disc 7: SUPERMAN II Archive/Bonus Vault Materials Disc 8: SUPERMAN III Disc 9: SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE Disc 10: SUPERMAN RETURNS Disc 11: SUPERMAN RETURNS Special Features Disc 12: LOOK, UP INTO THE SKY! THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN Disc 13: YOU WILL BELIEVE: THE CINEMATIC SAGA OF SUPERMAN New Documentaries/Bonus Vault Materials Disc 14: BRYAN SINGER'S VIDEO JOURNALS Making Superman Returns

Description: DC: DVD Set
Released: 2006
Edition: Region 1
Price: Php 4,999

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Located in the Philippines
Located in the Philippines