Xmen Wolverine Movie Claws

Xmen Wolverine Movie Claws

Artist: Windlass Studios
Product Name: Xmen Wolverine Movie Claws

* The famous Wolverine Claws are authentically replicated from the actual 20th Century Fox film prop. Although originally made of Adamantium, the prop and this exacting replica are of solid machined aluminum and hand finished. Also features the proper stainless steel, thick wire and palm base attachment as they were made for and used in X-Men. Permanently affixed to the custom, sturdy wood "X" display plaque with metal nameplates, it's a far less painful way to display the coolest prop on the planet (popping out of the hands was far too messy).
* The set includes a hand numbered, full color Certificate of Authenticity.

Description: 1:1 SCALE
Released: 2009
Size: 14.5 inches tall
Edition: 500
Price: Php 8,250

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* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Located in the Philippines
Located in the Philippines